Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Moon Date

Way too early this morning you woke up to go to the bathroom and quietly tiptoed into our room without me even hearing your tiny footsteps. With your little lips brushing my cheek, you whispered, "Mom, wanna come out on the deck and see the moon with me?" There's not many people I'd get out of my warm bed for too early in the chilly morning, but goodness, this was an offer I just couldn't refuse, so hand in hand, we crept out to the deck, and there it was - the brightest, most beautiful moon I've ever seen sitting just beyond our trees. You sat in my lap and said, "See? I could see it through the window, and I knew you'd love it. It's round all the way. And beautiful," and you leaned over and planted the biggest smacker right on my lips. It was without a doubt the very best morning I can remember. You, my boy, are magic: your tender heart, your giving nature, and the love that pours so purely from your soul. Let's moon date always.

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Nothing says love like finishing a summer blog in December...

Charlie Wahlers. We dang near spoiled you rotten this summer. We kicked off June with swim lessons, moved right into a week of camp at the Co-op, immediately jetted off to Minnesota with your dad's family where even though you got sicker than sick, you zipped around soaking up every ounce of Kavanaugh's goodness. We got back just in time to celebrate the Fourth and packed up for a trip to Colorado with Poppy, Marge, your crazy aunts, uncles and cousins. There are just no words for the peace and joy and ease that blessed us for an entire week. It was the ultimate adventure. When we got home, you took off for a week of GiGi camp, and GiGi and Pops made your every wish come true; you ate up every bit of it and were sobbing on the car ride home. I guess it's tough to leave overwhelming love. We rounded off the summer with gymnastics camp squeezing in just every bit of fun that we could. Looking back, I'm unsure where all our energy came from; it's all a bit of a blur, but oooh wee, I know for certain we sure had a ton of fun.